3 Basic Methods on How To Treat Ich on Betta That Are Recommended

It is always possible to see a betta fish suffering from ich, causing you so eager to know how to treat ich on betta, right? There are basically 3 methods to treat itch on your bettas. However, there is more to know prior to the treatments. So learn all the things briefly with us here!

What Things Causes Ich

There are several causes of ich, leading to the bettas’ health. The common cause is the stress due to the environmental changes. A new tank, water change and décor addition are the environmental changes. Other causes are the water temperature and the mates added to the tank. These can be the source of problem leading to ich on bettas.

How To Treat Ich on Betta

There are actually a number of different techniques on how to treat itch on betta. Though the treatment is generally depending on the causes of the illness, here we have summarized the most basic method to treat that itch.

1st Method: Move Your Bettas Out of Their Show Tank

Once you notice a terrible ich on your bettas, the only best way for them to survive is to go out of the show tank. Thus, move them out to be free at least for a week. This will make all the ich traces dying. This is the best method which is highly recommended to treat ich on your bettas. By isolating them in a quarantine tank, you can let them heal naturally.

2nd Method: Apply Salt and Heat Treatment

This method requires you to raise the water tank temperature and add aquarium salt. Start by progressively increasing the water temperature which is not more than 1 degree F per day. It is just uncommon for most fish keepers do it by 2 degrees F. Later, keep raising the temperature of your tank until it reaches 86 degrees F.

3rd Method: Medicate Your Bettas

The least but not last method to try is to medicate your bettas when the two methods above fail. This way, you can take either methylene blue or malachite green to pour into the betta water tank. Another recommendable medication is using Rid Ich Plus which is especially formulated for ich treatment in aquarium.

Make sure you follow the instructions stated on the label of the bottle. One more, make sure you also use a quarantine tank instead of giving the doze in your main tank.

Final Words

It is expected that the 3 best methods on how to treat itch on betta will help cure the fish. Try the first two methods before you finally choose the third method. Also read about best water for betta fish here and check out our betta fish videos on youtube.

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