3 Best Tips on How To Treat Popeye in Betta Fish

Since there are varieties of illness that might occur in fish, enriching yourself with the information about how to treat Popeye in betta fish is necessarily important. Though you may have put them in the safest aquarium, they can still experience an illness such as Popeye.

Today, we come to share the information about Popeye in betta fish and how to treat it. So, stay with us!

What Is Popeye?

What kind of illness is Popeye? Popeye refers to a condition at which the fish’s eyes are swollen. The eyes seems having a white ring around. Popeye symptoms in bettas can also be a red or irritated eye. Not only bettas but also any other fish species will experience it. However, most of fish keepers notice this illness in their bettas.

How To Treat Popeye in Betta Fish

Once you notice the Popeye symptoms in your bettas, think of how to treat Popeye in betta fish as soon as possible for curing them. In this case, the treatment will actually depend on what things causes the fish to experience such illness.

Move The Bettas into A Calm Tank

If the bettas are suffering from Popeye because of injury, the best cure is to move the bettas into a calm tank and let their eyes heal naturally. This is when you need to provide them with the quarantine tank to let them live calmly without any crowd from the other fish.

Use A Popeye Medication

The second way of treating Popeye in your bettas is by giving them Popeye medication. You can pick up this option if the illness is caused by an infection. Typically, antibiotic or antifungal medicines can help cure the Popeye disease.

It is also bets described that Melafix is also able to help cure Popeye in bettas. Melafix is an antibacterial medication widely used by fish keepers to cure some similar illness in their fish.

Use Epsom Salt

Other treatment may include Epsom salt which is helpful to reduce inflammations, swelling and infections occurred in bettas. However, you need to move the fish into a separate tank for this treatment.

Final Words

In short, always keep being acknowledged by the tips on how to treat Popeye in betta fish if you really care for them. Recognize every little symptoms of illness and give them the right treatment as soon as possible. Also read about an overfed betta fish here and watch our betta fish collections video here.

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