5 Ideas on How To Make Betta Fish Toys To Make Them Happy

Do you know why you need to figure out the way on how to make betta fish toys? As bettas are the most curious fish, they will investigate anything new around them. One thing to keep in mind when choosing betta fish toys is that the fish inhabit mostly the surface of the water. Therefore, the toys you choose for them must be able to float on the water surface to catch the bettas’ eyes.

Here are the tips on how to make betta fish toys you can try.

Add Plants

Adding living plants into your bettas tank is considered the best tips to provide them with the spot to hide, explore and rest. Start by adding those living plants particularly the silk ones. In this case, silk plants have varieties of colors, helping you create a theme in your bettas’ aqua-scape.

Include Hammock

As betta fish love sleeping at night as well as taking a nap in a daytime, you can include hammock in the tank. This way, hammock can be the cozy place for your bettas to doze. You can also relocate your betta’s bed to create a bedroom at bay. This can be done every time you change the water so that the fish can enjoy a different view and feel of their territory.

Add Floating Log

The third tips on how to create betta fish toys is adding floating log. That is aimed to provide them with the place to explore, have a rest and hide, too.

Floating log is particularly designed smoothly and freely from the rough edges to prevent their fins and tails from getting snagged. Thus, the areas around them are safe to play.

Put Sinking Log

Out a high quality sinking log will make the fish living space looks just like a sunken tree trunk along with the suitable decoration theme that will support it. This sinking log will also function as a hiding place for your bettas. It can be an entrance or exit way. Thus, your fish will not get bored with their environment.

Include Moss Ball

Moss ball works best by providing your bettas with the hours of entertainment as they will find the soft and safe surface of the moss ball. Moss ball is a living organism that can keep the tank water clean by making use of the nitrates as the fertilizers while also adding a wonderful color splash.

Final Words

In the end, consider five ideas on how to make betta fish toys and see how your bettas live happily to play with their toys. Also read about the simplest betta tank setup here and visit our youtube channel about betta fish videos.

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