Benefits of Owning a Betta Fish

Owning a betta fish is not a hard thing to do, it have it’s own advantage too. Whether you are a kids, teenagers or an adult a betta fish is one friendly aquarium pets. Betta fish is also known as a tough freshwater fish because it can live in almost every condition. It can live in a jar, without any filter or aerator and you don’t even need water heater if you think the temperature is good enough. Of course the best practice for keeping a betta fish is by giving it a proper facility. A 5 gallon tank with sand, live plants, some ornaments, a filter and a water heater would be perfect enough. And so what is the benefits of keeping a betta fish? Check this out.

Owning a Betta Fish Can Increase Productivity

When you are on your work or study mode, you need to stay focus to give the best result. To increase your productivity on your work or study mode you can try to play with your betta fish in maybe 15-20 minutes before switching mode to work or study again. By playing with your betta fish you can gain more focus in your work or study, just try it.


A Perfect Pet With No Fuss

If you own a cat or a dog in your house, as we might know it may poo poo everywhere in our house eventhough we have trained it to poop in his dog/cat sand. A betta fish because it resides in an aquarium, of course won’t poop in another place in your house, yet it can greet you when you come home (and ask for food of course).

A Medium to Learn for Kids

Children needs various way to keep them learning. It can be with toys, nature or even a pet. By owning a betta fish a kid can learn many such as he will learn to love others, he will learn to treat others well, he will learn to take care others and many more. Of course kids will love keeping a betta fish in their home.

A Way to Release Stress and Relax

Did you have rough day? Something went wrong? Or else. Spare your time with your precious betta fish for 30 to 40 minutes. You just need to stare and watch the behaviour of your betta fish or you can also feed him and see him eating. You will feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful.

A Way to Admire GOD’s Creations

For a religious and devout person whatever your religion, a betta fish can be a way to admire GOD’s creation. You can admire it’s colour, it’s behaviour, it’s beauty and many more. GOD is great therefore it creates a betta fish for us to admire.

If you have decided to own a betta fish you can get a betta from Indonesia directly to your house, just chat or email us and we’ll see what we can do. You can also read about the simplest betta fish tank setup here. Don’t forget to subscribe our betta fish channel on youtube too.

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