Betta Swim Bladder Disease Symptoms with Ways to Cure

Do you notice betta swim bladder disease symptoms? Truly, seeing your betta swims awkwardly might lead you to think that it suffers from swim bladder disease. Such disease is not uncommon but you need to take it seriously as it can be fatal. Let’s check it out in a brief explanation below:

What Swim Bladder Means

Betta swim bladder is a fish organ that allows for controlling its swimming flexibility. Swim bladder helps the fish save energy and swim easier. This organ is behind all other organs, making it important to keep balance. Once there is something wrong with it, your betta won’t be able to swim normally.

Swim Bladder Disease

Swim bladder is not actually categorized as a disease. It is rather any ailment that refers to the illness, damage or situation that causes the betta swim bladder not to work properly. Thus, when you want to give any treatment to the disease, you will be focusing on treating the symptoms.

Betta Swim Bladder Disease Symptoms

There are some betta swim bladder disease symptoms you need to recognize once to ensure that you will give the right treatment.

If you might overfeed the betta, the symptoms will include:

  • Trouble swimming at which the betta is unable to move of float on the surface of the water.
  • Lopsided swimming at which your betta might sink to the bottom.
  • Struggling to keep a normal position, causing the betta to float up or drop down.
  • Curved back which is a sign of overfeeding.
  • Affected appetite at which your betta completely lose his appetite.
  • Lethargy which is a result of overfeeding.

If the diseases might be caused by bacterial infections, the symptoms will be:

  • Clamped fins. When your betta is getting stressed, his fins will be closer to his body. This can be caused by a constipation or overfeeding.
  • Shaking. Seeing your betta shaking? Well, he is not alright. He might get an infections.

Giving Treatment

The treatment you would have to apply will mainly depends on the causes of the swim bladder disease. Commonly, people will move the bettas into a quarantine tank to avoid medicating the other fish.

Final Words

Once you see your betta is not fine (well actually an overfed betta fish is not fine), notice the betta swim bladder disease symptoms and find the way to recover him. Since the main causes are the infections and overfeeding, grab the appropriate medication and avoid overfeeding him.

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