Bloating And Constipation Problem, Serious Problem of an Overfed Betta Fish

Feeding a betta fish is really fun, but you must aware not to give to much food otherwise it may results in an overfed betta fish. Overfeeding a betta fish can lead to ailments such as constipation and SBD. Here is what you should be aware of.

Constipation And Bloated Stomach – Appearance And Treatment

Constipation or digestive blockage is particularly common in the fish industry. The problem occurs due to many reasons. But one of the best guesses is your habit of overfeeding the fish. Giving them food and see them crowing around is fun. But it can be the first step for many chronic ailments in the future. That is why many vendors will always say to feed them carefully.

On the other hand, giving dry foods that lack fiber and high protein also one of the reasons for constipation. The main symptom of the digestive blockage is lack of defecation and bloated stomach. An overfed betta fish will look bigger from the top, and it has a small number of defecation. While the ailment is not harmful, but it can be mild or getting severe without any treatment.

When you find your Betta in this condition, then you should do the treatment ASAP. There is no exact medication for this problem. Thus, your only solution is to let your Betta fasting for one or two days. This simple solution will help the fish digestion to healing themselves. If the problem persists, then give the fish the inside of a pea.

In the case where the constipation is pretty much severe, you should consider using daphnia. It is one kind of laxative designed for fish and aquariums. You can get it in the fish food section or fish stores. Giving them a tiny bit of the medication and let them Betta fasting again. Just give them pea and a proper diet to avoid overfed Betta when constipated.

SBD Or Swim Bladder Disorder – Appearance And Treatment

This problem has the same appearance as constipation. The fish stomach appears bloating. In many cases, SBD happens if the constipation issue hasn’t been fixed for a long time. Thus, the bloating stomach will give immense pressure on the Betta fish body. Thus, affecting the internal organ associated with their swim bladder.

You can also see the symptom from Betta’s movement. The fish will have an inability to move as it’s supposed to be. Most of the time, you can see them struggling to swim straight. They tend to move up and down or even swimming on their side. To fix the problem of SBD overfed Betta, you can make them fast for a day and do the same as a constipation solution.

Those are the two most possible illnesses that can happen to your Betta. Both are not deadly, but it will make the fish uncomfortable and affect their daily life. That is why you should always give enough food, not too much nor too little. Never feed him more than four pellets even though they look eager for it. Let them do fasting is the best solution to cure the illness.

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