Blue Black Light Betta Fish

Blue Black Light Betta Fish

Blue Black Light betta fish is one of the excellent black series betta that Upscale Betta have. The numerous varieties of its color and shapes make it one of the unique fish to get.

The Origin Of BBL

For your information, a pure black betta is considered as rare. However, there are quite a lot of black-based bettas that come out having some starks of color on its body. One of them is the Blue Black light or BBL. The particular fish has a black base with some striking blue colors in its body. However, many are mistaken this fish for other types because of its color.

In many cases, the most familiar-looking fish with BBL is the avatar type. Both have a blue and black base color, but both also have a particular distinctive blue motive. The Blue black light betta fish has shinny blue on its back, tail, and fin. The blue color is solid and block, with no spot or wash. On the other hand, the avatar will have blue spots pigments in its body.

Blue Black Light Betta Fish

The Characteristic

Just as the name implies, BBL should have only blue and black colors. The fish is categorized as black series because it is a breed of black bettas. The main color is black and has blue as its secondary cast.

The blue color location can differ in each of the fish, but mostly it has stark glittering blue in its dorsal, anal and caudal fin. What makes it pretty much distinctive is the glittering blue color. The blue is quite bright and can reflect light, thus it has a light in its name.

It is also worth knowing that the betta can start with no black and blue color at all. The baby fish might have washed blue color, or probably already has the black basic gill. As the fish grow up, the striking light blue color will come out. The so-called Blue Black Light Betta Fish is quite high in demand.

BBL or the Blue Black Light is one of the gorgeous bettas out there. With the base color of black, the blue starks and wash on its back make it stand out in the market. Nevertheless, with proper care, this fish will always worth the price.

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