Brine Shrimp Eggs

If you look for brine shrimp/artemia eggs for sale then Upscale Betta is the right place. Brine shrimp that also known as artemia is one of the best option for betta fish food. Brine shrimp can also be cultured from eggs to adult brine shrimp so it can be continuous food source for your betta fish. Baby brine shrimp can be fed to baby betta fish also adult brine shrimp can be fed to adult betta fish.

To hatch brine shrimp egss you just need one/two glass of water, add some salt so it would be saltwater, put a half tea spoon of brine shrimp eggs on it and then use aerator to make bubbles on it. Leave it in 24-48 hours and the brine shrimp should have been hatched.

To culture the brine shrimp you need a bucket (or else), fill it with saltwater and also use aerator. Brine shrimp can be fed with flour, yeast, soybean or egg yolk. For a bucket of baby brine shrimp you can feed them with a half tea spoon of flour, just make sure you don’t overfed them because it’s bad for them.


Those are one of our technique to culture brine shrimp, you can also seek more information about brine shrimp culture on youtube.

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