Different Types Of Betta Fish

Let’s talk about the different types of betta fish according to it’s body and fin that ride the storm during the corona pandemic. The freshwater fish starting to get popular and loved due to the different shapes and colors. Even though the fish is known for its aggressive nature, but people love and breed them. In the case of types of bettas, you should know the tail shapes. Here is the explanation.

The Types Of Bettafish

1. The Plakat Bettas

Plakat betta fish is probably the easiest to distinguish betta in the market. It has the smallest tail with a little flare in it. Many enthusiasts consider this type as the traditional form since it portrays those found in the wild. While it is pretty much small and simple, but the male can show amazing coloration even for fighting fish. Here at Upscale Betta we provide the best plakat betta fish.

2. The Crowntail Bettas

Another easy to distinguish is crowntail. As the name implies, you can find this species as one unique looking betta in the market. It is due to the long spikey crown-like tail appearance. Some people also call it combtail betta since its webbing tail can extend to 2/3 up to its tail and make it unique among different types of betta fish.

3. The Dumbo Ears Betta

The dumbo ear refers to the unique looking pectoral fin of this betta. The shapes resemble very large elephant ears. Other than the specific pectoral fin, the other part of the fish is pretty much random. It mostly has the dull coloration of grey, brown, or dark green. But in some cases, the color pattern can be as striking as the other types. 

4. The Halfmoon Betta

The Halfmoon is quite as its names. The tail shapes resemble a half-moon with its half a circle appearance. In the case of popularity, this elegant splendor fish is one of the highest-ranking.

5. The Veiltail Bettas

For the more affordable and easy to find betta, veiltail is your best option (along with plakat). The veiltail comes with its distinctive long tail that flowing downward. It has a smaller pectoral fin and long tie as well. The veiltail also has many different color variations and patterns. In overall appearance and breeding need, this fish is recommended for beginners.

6. The Double Tail Betta

The double tail is always one of the beauty. It is very easy to recognize this type due to its two large flowy tails. The two tails are separated from the case and accompanied by a larger and longer dorsal fin. Making it appear as if using an oversized Victorian woman skirt. Among different types of betta fish, this type also has a shorter body.    

Many people identify their bettas with different names according to their appearance. In this case, you only need to determine your preference based on its fin, color, and pattern.

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