Fancy Multicolor Betta Fish

Fancy multicolor betta fish has its names because it looks fancy. It shows how the appearance and how mesmerizing the fish itself. Of many types of ornamental fish, fancy is another popular option for newbie Betta fish enthusiasts. The main physical characteristic is two or three colors (or even more) fusion in its body. It gets the name because it is mainly appearing with interesting color combination from its head to tail.

However, you can make sure that the Betta is fancy from its color and flowy large tails. In the aquarium market, this interesting color will determine the price. The more beautiful the fancy multicolor betta fish is, the higher its price. You can also see that the multicolor is pretty much found in almost all bettas varieties.

The Origin Of Betta

Most of the Fancy Bettas come from the Marble varieties, which come with white marble-like scales. It has the same color pattern of black spots and red as koi fish. Thus some of us calls the fancy as Betta koi fancy multicolor fish.

Both are true since the marble Betta is part of transposons genus bettas. It can jump and has pigment spots (or with no pigment) in the whole body. It makes the Fancy Multicolor Betta Fish has glowing scales. Fancy is part of these varieties, which make it known among aquarium enthusiasts. Most of the time, it has three different colors, including red, white, blue, or blacks.

Fancy Multicolor Betta Fish

The Secret Behind Its Color

Betta fish are one of many animals that are bred to create something unique and different. In this case, the crossbreeding between different types happened to create mesmerizing body color. Hence the name of fancy and multicolor betta surfacing in the aquarium market. People love the results of mutation that appear beautiful with its multicolor bodies.

The nickname of mutants came out for this Fancy Multicolor Betta Fish because the traits of previous breeding were inherited from the offspring. The mutation creates a different color pattern and combination. All in all, you can say that the particular type is pretty much everywhere. Fancy Betta is loved due to its color gradation. Caring for the beautiful Betta will need more attention, as for the breeder, it is always exciting to see new color combinations Bettas.

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