Frequently Asked Questions About Betta Fish

With the increasing of betta fish enthusiast there are many first time betta keepers that are needing more guidance in keeping they’re bettas. Here we try to summarize what kind of questions that betta fish keepers (especially the new one) had in mind. Let’s go.

Q : Do bettas like light?

A : Yes, betta fish like light. A standard aquarium lamp should be perfect for them.

Q : Can betta fish live in a bowl?

A : Yes. Betta fish can live in a bowl or even in a small jar, but the bigger the tank the better for the betta fish. A 5 or 10 gallon tank should be good.

Q : How to keep a betta fish alive?

A : To keep a betta fish alive of course you need to put them on an appropiate tank. Keep the temperature at 75-80 degrees fahrenheit and PH should be kept between 6,5 to 8. Feed them regularly but avoid overfeeding. Do regular water change. And last but not least do a quick treatment when they’re sick.

Q : How to keep betta fish tank clean?

A : To keep a betta fish tank clean you can try to use a water filter at the tank. If you don’t use any filter at your tank you can add aquarium sand and gravel at the bottom of the tank so the fish manure will merge with it. Also do a regular water change at your tank.

Q : How to keep your betta fish happy?

A : To keep a betta fish happy you should keep the water condition good, keep them fed up and play with them.

Q : Can you keep two betta fish in a tank?

A : You should not put 2 male betta fish in a tank.

Q : Can i keep 2 female betta fish in the same tank?

A : Yes you can. Female betta fish are less aggressive than the male one.

Q : How to clean a betta fish tank?

A : To drain the water on the tank you can use syphon method. You can empty the tank or leave one third of the water. Clean the tank wall. And then fill the water again.

Q : How much to feed betta fish?

A : You should feed the betta fish sufficiently but not overfed. Read more about the pellets dose here.

Q : What to feed betta fish?

A : Pellets or live food such as artemia/brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, blood worm, wollfia and many others.

Q : How to feed betta fish?

A : Just toss it into the water.

Q : Where to buy betta fish?

A : You can buy it at your local pet store or you can also buy it from Upscale Betta, contact us here via whatsapp or email for inquiries.

Q : How to play with betta fish?

A : You can try to point at them with your finger, they usually follows where your finger goes. If they did not respond try using a small mirror.

Q : How to clean a betta fish bowl?

A : You need to relocate the betta fish first to another place. Clean the bowl. And then fill it again with water and put the betta fish in.

Q : What to feed betta fry?

A : Brine shrimp/artemia or infusoria would be good.

Q : Do betta fish like to hide?

A : Yes they do. Plants, rock or other aquarium ornaments are perfect for them.

Q : What water to use for betta fish?

A : Tap water would be good.

Q : Are betta fish easy to take care of?

A : Yes it is.

Q : When to feed betta fry?

A : We would recommend one time in the morning and one time in the afternoon.

Q : How big does a betta fish tank need to be?

A : A 5 or 10 gallon tank would be enough.

Q : How to entertain betta fish?

A : You can try by pointing the betta fish with your finger or using a mirror to keep the flare.

Q : What to put in a betta tank?

A : You can put aquarium sand, gravel, aquarium plants, rocks or any other hiding place.

Q : How to put betta fish in tank?

A : If your betta fish has just arrived and still in the plastic you should put it at the tank water surface to assimilate them. After 10-15 minutes you can release it into your tank.

Q : How to make betta fry grow faster?

A : To make betta fry grow faster you can try to put it in a bigger tank. Maintain the water conditions. And feed them well.

Q :How big to betta fish get?

A : A betta fish can grow to 3 inches while a giant betta fish can grow up to 6-7 inches.

Q : Will betta eat shrimp?

A : Yes they will.

Q : What do betta fish eat in the wild?

A : Mostly insects and insects larvae.

That’s enough for now, I hope those answers can help. Do not forget to visit our bettafish youtube channel, instagram and facebook page.

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