Galaxy Koi Betta Fish

One of the high demand betta fish in the aquarium is the Is Galaxy Koi Betta Fish. Galaxy koi fish is actually koi betta fish with full of glitter in its body, that makes it called galaxy.

Understanding Koi Betta

The idea of understanding koi betta is to know the origin of galaxy koi. In this case, the name of koi is mainly commercial. But why people call it koi is due to the similar color pattern in it with koi fish. It has a main color of red or orange with starks of other striking hues on its body. Along with its coloration and pattern, there is no doubt that people starting to look for this particular fish. For your information, galaxy koi betta fish mix the koi aesthetic with other striking colors that make them different.


Galaxy Color Is Colorful

The striking color mix mentioned before is the galaxy color. If you wonder what color is it, then gaze above the galaxy to find out. The splash is random, it can be in the body, back, tail, or even in its tie. The pattern is pretty much random, making it looks like a galaxy.

Take a look at a koi looking betta with random coloration in it. Most of the time the Galaxy Koi Betta Fish base color is red or white. And then, take a look at its pattern of color. You can tell that it is a galaxy by the mix of color and it’s spread out in a random form. The galaxy like pattern is one of a kind that attracts people.

All in all, people tend to love the colorful betta. In this case, you can distinguish the fish by its galaxy like color. It can come with three more color schemes in its body. The body shape is similar to koi, which is a striking color splash. The galaxy koi available in almost all types of bettas.

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