Here Are 5 Best Fish Compatible With Betta

Despite known as feisty fish, surprisingly there are some fish compatible with betta that you pick. Even with its bad reputation of tank mates, bad aggression, and territorial habits, betta have soft spot for some fish in its community. It is not impossible to add other fish, as long as both are not the tail nipping type. So, what are the betta mates? Here is the answer.

The Best Betta Mates To Add In Tank

1. Tetras

Tetras are the best option to cohabitate with bettas. But make sure that the small-sized tetras come with a school of five or six. Most of the tetra’s varieties are possible betta mates. They ate the same food as your bettas and they tend to swim gently in the middle of the tank. You can pair ember tetras and neon tetras to add color to your tank.

However, make sure that you got the correct tank size. Adding tetras are only possible or recommended if you got a 10 or more-gallon tank. Thus, the fish compatible with Betta and your main focal betta will not stress out. At the same time, consider using heavily planted tanks since both tetras and betta loves to hide. 

2. Harlequin Rasboras

Another small fish that goes well with the betta is Rasboras. Once again you should put them in a school of 5 or 6 to avoid betta single and attack them. In the case of adding the Rasboras in the tank, make sure that it grows 1.5 inches in length. So, it won’t be too small for the bettas and can add lives to your tank.

3. The Cory Catfish

Corydoras or the tiny catfish will be the best friend of your betta. The catfish is a bottom-feeding that can live alone or in a pack. This fish compatible with Betta has a pretty much calm temperament and won’t disturb your Betta at all. They are also not too big, which makes them a perfect companion and fish to liven up your tank.

4. Guppies

Guppies are one of the best mates you can choose for betta cohabitation. But in this case, you should consider the dull grey colored feed guppies. The small fish can be added even for an 8-gallon tank. They can live alone, has the same appetite as your Betta, and relatively docile. Just make sure to avoid fancy guppies in the tank. 

5. Clown Plecos          

In case you have a 15 or more-gallon tank, you can add clown plecos as your betta mate. It is one of the fish compatible with Betta since it has docile demeanors. They are algae eater and tend to explore. One thing for sure, plecos have tough skin. However, make sure the plecos will not beat your betta in size. 

Many people indeed decide to put their beloved betta in a single solo tank. But in case you want to add friends, then you should consider the tetras, guppies, clown plecos, harlequin rasboras, or the cory catfish. All of the betta mates should have a calm demeanor and smaller than bettas. That is why you should never add goldfish or angelfish in it. Don’t forget if you ever need an awesome betta fish just contact us here.

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