How Much to Feed Betta Fish Pellets?

How much to feed betta fish pellets? That is one of the most asked question of a betta hobbyist, especially the new one. The question is asked because they are afraid to overfed their betta fish, you know overfeeding a betta fish can cause really serious trouble for the betta fish. Therefore knowing how many pellets to feed a betta fish is crucial. Here we want to share about that matter, lets get started.

Know Your Pellets

First of all you need to know your pellets. Every pellets contains various nutrition for our betta fish, even though you don’t really need to specify what nutritions are needed by your betta fish, well they see pellets they’ll eat it, nom nom. The one we need to know is the size, because the size determines how much pellets are needed by our betta fish. Different pellets have different size, here are the size of some pellets :

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold: 0.5 mm
Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets: 0.45 mm
New Life Spectrum Betta Formula: 1 mm
New Life Spectrum Small Fish Formula: 0.5 mm
Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets: 1 mm
Seachem Nutridiet Betta Pellets: 1.5 mm
TetraBetta Floating MinI Pellets: 2 mm
Warldey Betta Food: 2.5 – 3 mm
Zoo Med Betta Micro Floating Pellets: 2 mm
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Here in Indonesia there are betta fish pellets that are in really small size which is 200-300 micron, which really fits for betta fish and even fry.

How Much to Feed Betta Fish Pellets?

Regarding the size of the pellets we would recommend giving 3-4 pellets for size under 1 mm or 1-2 pellets for size above 1mm in the morning, and 1-2 pellets for size under 1 mm or 1 pellets for size above 1mm in the afternoon/evening. Before feeding the betta fish make sure you examine the betta fish first. If you see the it bloated you would better fast it for one day.

How To Feed Betta Fish With Pellets

Well actually giving pellets to betta fish is just by tossing it into the water. What I’m about to tell you is some pellets size are quite big for betta fish mouth. So it would be better to maybe grind or crush the big pellets before giving it to them, therefore they would be easier to eat and should be happier.

If you have any question regarding betta fish or want to adopt plakat betta fish from Indonesia you can chat with us, hopefully we can help. Don’t forget to visit our instagram too.

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