How To Get The Best Water For Betta Fish

Many people are quite puzzled in getting the best water for betta fish. In this case, maintaining water care for your beautiful fish is not that difficult. But it is also not as easy as you think. Doing it wrong and the consequence is a sick betta, or even worse is death. To help you with that, here are three aspects that you should underline.

Water Type For Your Betta

What kind of water is okay for them? Tap or distilled water? What is the pH level? Those questions are pretty much help in answering the water care problems. In this case, the best water is tap, not the distilled water. The reason is due to the distilled water loses all its mineral, while the tap is still in its normal condition.

However, the faucet water will have chlorine, chloramine, and minerals. The worse enemy of fishes is chlorine. People use it to kill bacteria, but fish need bacteria to thrive. So, the best solution is to add a water conditioner to remove the chemical. Thus, the Best water for Betta fish is one that is conditioned, free from the chorine but rich in minerals. Remember that!

Water Temperature In The Tank

In many cases, you should consider that this pretty and splendor fish is the native of southeast Asia. It means that they live in a moderately warm water temperature due to the tropical climate. Thus, you should set the temperature right to avoid the betta freezing out cold. The best temperature of your water tank should be around 24° to 26°C.

In Fahrenheit, it is around 76° to 80°F. If you put your hand inside it, you might feel that the water is rather warmer than your tap. While talking about temperature, consistency is the key. Make sure that the temperature is always steady by checking it using a thermometer regularly. You can also provide the Best water for Betta fish by using an aquarium water heater.

Regular Water Changes

Other than the ammonia level, pH level, temperature, or the chemical, water changes are also very crucial for your betta fish. Food and fish waste that is left in the tank can slowly build up the ammonia level. At the same time, it also adds nitrite and nitrate levels. That particular condition is unhealthy for your beautiful fish. 

The best solution is changing the water. However, once again you should underline that some bacteria are beneficial for your tank and fish environment. Thus, you must change around 15-20% of tank water each week. Add conditioned water replacement that is the Best water for Betta fish and avoid large environmental change. It helps avoid your betta fish being stressed out.

It is pretty much easy to underline that Betta fish can be challenging for beginner breeders or owners. But there is always first on everything. In the case of water care for the betta, you must use conditioned tap water with no chlorine or chloramine. Use water conditioner, keep 75-82 degrees F, and do a partial water change once a week. That is it! Simple but need constants to care. 

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