How To Make Betta Fry Grow Faster

How To Make Betta Fry Grow Faster – For a betta hobbyist breeding a betta fish is one wonderful thing to do. Seeing female betta fish lays eggs, watching the male put it on the bubble nest and observing the eggs hatching one by one are a total enjoyment. Most of us are already know that betta fish fry reach their mature form in about 4 months. In the first 4 months betta fry are struggling to build up their body, fins and colors. So for now we are talking about how to make your betta fry grow faster, check these tips.

Feed Them 2 Times Regularly

Here at Upscale Betta we usually feed our betta fry with brine shrimp/artemia. Feeding a betta fry once in the morning is actually enough for them to survive until tomorrow. But here because our main concern is to get them grow faster we could feed then twice a day, one time in the morning and one time in the afternoon. Feed them sufficiently every time, not too plenty, not too little. With the regular feeding times we surely hope that they will be growing quickly.

Make Sure The Water is in Good Condition

Water condition is crucial to every betta fish, especially betta fry. Betta fry health is determined by it’s water condition. A bad water condition could lead to unhealthy betta fry, therefore it’s growth would stuck. A great water condition could lead to a healthy betta fry, therefore it’s growth could be well developed. Make sure to check your betta fry water condition everytime.

Move them to a Bigger Tank

One last recommendation for your fry to grow faster is by moving them to a bigger tank. A bigger tank could give them the freedom to move anywhere. A betta fry could grow faster by moving a lot in their tank. A happy and healthy betta fry is the key for their growth.

I hope this article could give you an insight so you can grow your betta fry more effectively and efficiently. One key to prove this article is right or wrong is to try it. Try these tips to your betta fry and you’ll know the effect on their growth. Don’t forget to follow our instagram for more betta fish content.

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