How to Make Your Betta Fish Like You

How to Make Your Betta Fish Like You – Owning a betta fish is really fun. If you are an adult, watching and playing with betta fish after a hard day work is a refreshment and very relaxing. If you are a kid, watching and feeding bettas in a tank can be considered as learning while playing. Basically bettas is a really awesome pet fish. No wonder many betta hobbyist owns more than one bettas in their home.

As a betta keepers we always want to make our pet fish happy and healthy. When a betta is on their top performance whey will come to you when you are closer to the tank or even create a bubble nest. That is one of the indicator that your betta fish like you. And so here we want to share some things on how to make your betta fish like you. Let’s get started.

Live Food Are Bettas Favourite

In the natural habitat, betta fish always hunts small creatures such as mosquito larvae, daphnia magna or water fleas. It would be great if we could give them their favourite snacks sometime. They love to play chase and catch with those live food.

Plants Are Awesome

Bettas really love plants on their tank. They’ll do hide and seek, sometime they sleep besides it and also if you have floating plants they’ll usually create bubble nest on the water surface. If you don’t have any live plants, an artificial one would be good too. By adding plants on your tank you will increase the bettas happiness. They’ll like you more.

Keep an Eye on The Water

Water is really one of the key. A good and clean water can affect our betta performance. We need to pay attention to the water PH, water temperature and the water cleanliness. By doing a routine water change it really helps the fish to find their peak performance.

Feed Them Regularly

Last but not least, food is really matters for most pets. Dogs, cats and even fishes are really happy when you feed them. By feeding them regularly in example in the morning and in the evening betta fish are starting to know their meal time. You don’t need to give them much food, just sufficient is enough to avoid bladder problems. For information about the food dosage you can read it here. I also encourage hand feeding, therefore when you get closer to the tank they will greet you happily and sometimes they chase wherever your finger goes.

That’s it, by doing what we suggest one by one there should be resulted in a happy and energized betta fish, and of course they’ll like you more.

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