Catappa Leaves

For the best betta fish performance Upscale Betta are providing terminalia catappa/indian almond leaves for sale. Indian almond leaves and catappa leaves are actually the same, and here at Upscale Betta we usually call it catappa leaves. For many years aquarium hobbyist are using catappa leaves to maintain their water and fishes for a better performance. The water may look brownish but the fishes (especially betta) find it more comfortable, it can be seen at when a catappa leaves are on the tank the bettas often sleep on it, just try it.

Here are some benefits for using catappa leaves on your tank :

  • Catappa leaves can be used for lowering PH level naturally.
  • Catappa leaves are having antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Catappa leaves contains beneficial tannic acid and tannins.
  • Catappa leaves can help to induce breeding & spawning.
  • Catappa leaves offers protection for fry or small species.
  • Catappa leaves are a blackout stress reduction.
  • Catappa leaves are perfect to create blackwater aquariums.

Why we also provide these betta supplies at Upscale Betta? Because we understand that betta hobbyist also need help when it comes to the betta performance. Some new betta hobbyist got panicked when his bettas got underperformance, especially when he is sick. Therefore with the use of catappa leaves we can minimalize the case by making the betta fish more comfortable. We need to understand that two major factor of a healthy betta is water and food. Clean and cozy water are healthy to the ecosystem especially for the betta fish.

So if you want to look for indian almond/terminalia catappa leaves for sale Upscale Betta will do the best to provide you good quality catappa leaves. For more information about ordering the catappa leaves you can contact us here.

Look forward to sending our catappa leaves to you.