Plakat Betta Fish

Plakat betta fish are one of the most beautiful freshwater fish. With it’s awesome body and fins supported by it’s various colors many fish hobbyist fell in love with it. Originated in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia right now many Indonesians are successfully breeding plakat betta fish in their farm.

Upscale Betta are breeding plakat betta in our farm in Bekasi, Indonesia. We focused in multicolor betta fish such as copper, candy, koi, nemo, etc. We can pack and ship our betta fish to around the world via transhipper. We can supply retail and wholesale various types of betta fish.

If you need to adopt a betta fish from Indonesia or you need to fill your fish store with betta fish do not hesitate to contact us. Watch our betta fish samples on the video below, you can also visit our betta fish youtube channel for more betta fish videos.