Sick Betta Fish Symptoms And Ailments Guidance For Beginner

Starting to own a bettafish are a true excitement, however as a living being sometime we must face something that we do not expect, a sick betta fish. When the problem occurs, highly possible you will feel scared, anxious, and confused. However, many people don’t even know that their Betta is sick. That is why you should understand the very common symptom and betta ailment beforehand. Here is some of the detail.

The Most Common Betta Illness You Should Aware Of

1. Fin And Tail Rot

Fin and tail rot probably the most common disease that happens for betta fish and any other flare tail type fish. In this case, the cause is pretty much anything. From tail biting to tears on tank décor. The symptom is there are signs of black and red tattered fin edges. At some point, it can appear bloody, which later rot and probably spread. So, clean and use aquarium salt for quick treatment.

2. Columnaris

Another distinctive, yet very familiar disease is Columnaris. In your tank, these bacteria can propose both bad and good effects. Under unmaintained water and stressful habitat, Columnaris can turn harmful. You will stringy cottony patches on your sick betta’s mouth, gills, and fins. In the worst case, it appears as gill and lesions damage. 

3. Hole In Head

A hole in the head is pretty hard to spot if your betta has a darker base color. Just as the name implies, the ailment is particularly seen through some little holes that appear in the bettas head. It started with a small hole (as if the scale tore) above the bettas’ eyes. The cavities will increasingly larger without any treatment.

In many cases, you can see the hole right in their head. Those little holes are the reason that explains poor water quality and nutrition. Worth noting that this particular disease can be harmless if you do the treatment ASAP. But in the later stages, when the illness worsening, it can be the main cause of your sick betta fish to lost their life.

4. Dropsy

In the case of dropsy or Pineconing, the main culprit is a parasite. But it can also happen due to poor bacteria and nutrition. This disease is visible from its welling body. It is better to spot from above, where you can see the abdominal area and outward flaring is bloated. It resembles a pinecone. Another symptom is your betta tends to swim to the surface to get oxygen.

5. Ick or Ich

Last but not least is the easiest to spot. This particular illness is pretty much found and can happen to other fish too. The symptom is the small white dots that appear along the fin and body. It is very easy to see since the number can be a lot. You can heal the sick betta by cleaning the water or use the medicine.

Those are some of many other betta illnesses that you should understand. Some of them can happen due to stress, virus, water condition, poor nutrition, and many more. You should always aware of them. Because some of them are easy to recognize, by looking at their appearance or appetite. With that in mind, do something quick as you find the problem occurs. 

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