The Proper Way To Raise Betta Fry

The Proper Way To Raise Betta Fry – Keeping a betta fish is just like an art. The more you have flight hours the more you got better at it. When you are a beginner betta keeper you try the best to keep your betta fish healthy and alive. You learn about betta food, disease, water and many more. When you’re skill level has increased you try to breed them, raise the fry and develop them. There are a lot of fun in the process. And for those who never raise a betta fry but interested and willing to raise a betta fry, here we explain the details on how to raise betta fry.

First Treatment After Hatched

After hatching a betta fry will use their ability to adjust to their environment. You will see they’re exploring the tank in a natural movement or in a whirligig. They will do the adjusting in approximately 3 days. Here at Upscale Betta in the first 3 days we do not feed them because they still have food reserves from their eggs. In the 4th day then we usually start to feed them. If you place the betta fry outdoor then you need to make sure that it doesn’t exposed to direct sunlight or rainwater as it will change the water pH and temperature. In this phase you just need to observe them as they will use their natural instincts to stay alive.


Betta Fry Food

There are 2 options of food to give to betta fry. The first one is infusoria and the second one is brine shrimp/artemia. You can choose which one fits for you most. Here at Upscale Betta we usually use brine shrimp to feed our betta fry. We feed them brine shrimp until they’re ready to eat the bigger food such as water fleas, wolffia or tubifex worms. In our experience starting from 1,5-2 months betta fry are ready to eat those bigger foods.

When To Feed Betta Fry

Betta fry can be fed 1 or 2 times a day. The crucial time to feed a betta fry is in the morning, and if you want to feed them twice you can do it again in the afternoon. Make sure you give them sufficient food, not to much, and not too little.

Water Condition

Water condition is important for every fish especially for betta fry. We recommend to use catappa leaves on the water to neutralize pH and water temperature. You can also add water plants so they can play hide and seek. And make sure that the water is always clean.

Moving to a Bigger Tank

Betta fry needs more space to develop their body growth. A bigger tank should help them to swam around. If you breed betta fish on a small tank, we recommend to move them to a bigger tank after 2-4 weeks old. In this case you need to be careful when moving the betta fish, you should not make the water wavy because it will disturbs them. At Upscale Betta we usually move them one by one with a small and soft fish net. It require patience to finish the movement, but after that they will grow happily.

That’s all for now, I hope these guidance can help you to raise your betta fry so they can grow better. You can read our other article about the benefits of owning a betta fish here. And don’t forget to visit our social media network such as instagram, facebook and youtube channel.

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