Things to Know about Betta Fish: Learning about Their Unique Traits

There are things to know about Betta fish that can make the care easier – well, at least for you. For those beginner fish owners who don’t do their research carefully, keeping a betta can be a challenge. The fish may seem confusing, but once you understand their nature, keeping them can actually be okay, even fun!

Betta Fish Origin

The origin name is Siamese fighting fish. It is a fish species having vibrant colors, often seen swimming alone. They have this beautiful and majestic vibe about themselves. That’s why they are also viewed as aesthetic creature that will look great in any home or office décor.

Bettas was originated from Southeast Asia, where it is common to find them in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, or Laos. They live in bodies of water, such as flood plains, drainage ditches, or rice paddies. They like living in vast shallow water packed with vegetation. Bettas have unique breathing system, known as the labyrinth organ. They can take oxygen from the air directly as well as from the gills. In emergency situation, they can inhale the air even when they aren’t in the water, as long as they remain moist.

Bettas are creatures with impressive adaptability. They can survive in poor water quality or in small space. However, they will thrive best in at least 2-gallons small aquariums with frequent water changes. They like warm temperature, ranging from 76 degrees Fahrenheit to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Betta Nature

You can say that bettas are the ‘lone wolf’ in the fish world. Unlike other fish species, they don’t really like companies. They aren’t exactly schooling fish. They prefer living alone. If you mix a betta with another one, they will definitely fight – no matter the gender. Aside from living alone, bettas like having comfy spots to hide. If you want to keep a betta, make sure that the water tank is enough to accommodate it, along with planted corners or aquatic caves as perfect hiding places.

Interesting Facts

  • Bettas like warm water and acidic water with pH level between 6.5 and 7. Cold water can compromise their immune system and result in illnesses
  • The standard lifespan of bettas ranges from 2 to 3 years, but some can even live up to their teens age
  • Bettas like to eat insects in the wild, but they are fine with pellets or frozen brine shrimp

Make sure that you perform a thorough research about bettas before making a decision of keeping one. By understanding things to know about Betta fish, you can have a successful care with a happy (and healthy) fish! Visit our social network list at our linktree.

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