What Can Betta Fish Eat of Human Food? Think of 3 Possible Options

What can betta fish eat of human food? It is still debatable these times. However, this always becomes a topic that betta lovers like to discuss. Well, never think that you can feed your bettas with some human food like frozen food, live food and something similar. It is not a very good idea.

Instead of wondering what human food the betta fish can eat, here is the list of probable options you can expect to give to your bettas:


A part of peas can be an excellent additional aid for the fish constipation. The fiber contained in peas will help the fish move the digestive system, clean it out and relieve it from the symptoms of constipation as well as bloating.

Avoid feeding your bettas with frozen peas. Boil the peas until mushy and peel of the outer skin to let your bettas easily chew. Don’t forget to cut the peas quarters firstly. One more, avoid overfeeding them by the peas since their stomach is just as big as their eyes only.


What can betta fish eat of human food? Can you expect to feed them with vegetables like cucumber, lettuce or spinach? The answer is yes, you can. This is how you are introducing your bettas to some fiber in their diet.

However, it will also depend on your bettas’ appetite and taste buds because bettas can be fussy eaters. They may eat peas more but only a tiny piece of cucumber. Like the peas, the cucumber or other vegetables must be boiled first to let the bettas easily digest them.

There is no need to boil lettuce and spinach. You need only to wash the leaves and put them in the microwave around 3 to 5 minutes. This will help your fish to eat and digest.


Bettas are basically used to eating small marine animals like some tiny fish. If you are willing to feed them with tuna, just take a tiny snack from a piece that can be quickly caught by your bettas. If you want to give them tuna out of the can, make sure that you choose the variants that are as close as possible to the fish that your bettas will find it in their natural environment.

Final Words

What can betta fish eat of human food? Think of peas, vegetables and seafood. These kinds of human food are much considerable as long as you know what to do with the food before you give them to your bettas. Also read about how much to feed betta fish pellets here and watch our bettafish videos here.

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  1. Sweet corn is similar to peas in texture and nutritional value, so sweet corn is also a good choice. In addition, I also provide protein for my betta by feeding it meats like chicken, pork, and beef.

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