What Fish Can You Keep with A Betta? Consider These Best Betta Mates

What fish can you keep with a betta? This is a very important question once you have a betta in your tank. That is because a beta can feel bored so you need to live up the tank by giving him companions. In this regards, there are some best betta mates to consider taking into the tank to accompany your betta.

Feeder Guppies

Feeder Guppies are considered ideal to live with bettas. Adding a guppy for your betta mate is easier than schooling fish due to the fact that guppy is a content living on his own. Just make sure that you adjust the same pH and temperature range. In short, no worry about adding guppies to your betta tank since they are also very resilient.

Cory Catfish

Cory catfish are good mates for betta since they are easy to take care of and able to enjoy the same water condition like bettas. Cory catfish live on the bottom and live alone or in groups depending on the tank size. These fish can live up to 3 years. They are able to live up the tank and very active to accompany your bettas. They are also non-aggressive, thus, they will be perfect companion for your bettas.

Harlequin Rasbora

Harlequin Rasbora comes with the orange to pink body along with the distinct black triangle and red hue fins, making it nice for your bettas. This fish is a considered as the best tank mate due to the fact that the fish likes the tase of shrimp as betta does.

If you decide to add Herlequin Rasbora into your betta tank, you can expect Rasbra to live up to 5 years with 1.5 inches in length. This kind of fish is peaceful, thus, it can add such extra quality to betta’s life.

Neon Tretas

What fish can you keep with a betta? Neon Tretas is one of the listed species to consider. This fish can live will with the bettas due to the speed it has. This way, you can add multiple Neon Tretas to your betta tank. For more suitable and horizontal swimming space for betta and these mates, a long narrow tank is highly recommended. This way, Neon Tretas can live up to 5 years in captivity.

Final Words

What fish can you keep with a betta? The four fish above are thought to be the good mates for bettas. Consider adding one of the listed fish above and see how bettas can live well with them in their tank. If you need help setting up your tank you can read about the simplest betta fish tank setup here. Consider visiting our youtube channel and see our betta fish videos too.

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