Where To Buy Betta Fish Online?

This pandemic turns most of the betta hobbyist buy betta fish online rather than going to the local pet shop. But is it safe? Let us dive deeper into this matter.

When surfing the internet we can see many of the beautiful betta fish photos spread across the world wide web. On google, pinterest, facebook, instagram, we can also find gorgeus betta fish videos at youtube and tiktok. Those betta fish images and videos triggered many betta fish hobbyist to add more betta fish to their collections. Not just the expert hobbyist was triggered, it also triggered new betta hobbyist to start adopting betta fish on their home.

For a betta hobbyist, adopting a new betta fish can be done in several way. The most easiest way is to go to the local pet store and you can bring home a betta fish instantly. But in this pandemic it may not be easy to go out because you know we need to obey the health protocol. Some people just want to stay at home and ordered things from their smartphone or laptop. So for a betta hobbyist the solution is to buy betta fish online. But where? and how?

There are several countries where betta fish (betta splendens) are originated. Indonesia is one of the country where beautiful and amazing betta fish are originated. We can find most colors and patterns in Indonesia such as koi, nemo, galaxy, copper, fccp, blue rim, yellow base, multicolor, samurai, avatar and else. With the growing of betta fish breeder in Indonesia, you cannot miss to buy betta fish from Indonesia.

We at Upscale Betta are supplying betta fish to betta fish hobbyist worldwide via transhipper, we also do wholesale for resellers. We have our showcase at social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Just let us know what kind of betta fish you are looking, you can contact us via whatsapp or email. We always make sure our betta fish arrived safely to our customers. We also have DOA (dead on arrival) guarantee.

So what are you waiting for, contact us now and get your betta fish shipped to your home.

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