White Platinum Betta Fish – The Beauty Behind Its Rarity

In the world of Betta fish, white platinum betta fish is one of the enchanting and gorgeous options. But Among those many fishes, a white betta is considered as one of the rare fish. Especially, the pure white platinum. Due to its beauty and rarity, the fish price can be heavenly. But what makes it very much demanded and rare? Here is some information for you.

White Betta Is Not Albino Betta

Let’s start by distinguishing the real white platinum and albino. In this case, you should underline that albino is not white betta. When you find that the white betta has some pinkish and lack of skin pigmentation, plus red eyes, then it is an albino. However, the true albino is extremely rare and probably will be sold heavenly.

What you should understand in this case is about the different skin and caring conditions. Despite looking like a white betta, albino tends to look sickly with its slightly pink body. It is because they are prone to many health issues. They can be blind, have a short lifespan, or even dying at a young age. That is why be careful to not buying a fake white platinum betta fish.

The Coloration And Pattern

Go back to the white betta or opaque betta. The particular fish has a different coloration than the cellophane bettas. Most of the color of their bodies and fins will be in stark white with a lack of translucency. So, there is no pinkish color in it. In the case of White platinum, you can expect that the color is a little bit metallic. It’s mean the skin has a shining and shimmering effect.

But in the rarest case, you can find white bettas that have dragon scales. In this type of scale, you can see every individual scale’s outlines. Making it more stunning and attractive. In many cases, the white-colored betta will have Halfmoon tail types. Along with its flowy tail, the white platinum betta fish also lack pattern and do not display any coloration (solid white).

Pricing And Caring

The pricing of the betta will base on its tail types and base. Most of the time, the price can reach up to hundreds of rupiahs. The price tag can also differ based on the location and the rarity. Despite the high ranges of prices, this type of betta rarely prone to specific health issues. But it can be alarming since HITH (hole in the head) disease will be more noticeable in white.

One Of The Most Expensive Fish

Talking about price, in the current aquarium market, you will find this fish in one of the most expensive bettas in the world. The particular fish is the OHM rose white platinum betta fish with dragon scales. It has Halfmoon tail types with black eyes and slight black color under its chin. Guess how much it is? it reaches up to USD 680 or 10 million rupiahs. 

In a matter of fact, the charm of a white betta has made this fish sought over many aquarium markets. Internationally, you can find numerous white betta that comes in different varieties. The betta can either solid or has a little color under its face. Regardless of betta types, you are looking for, make sure you take care of the fish appropriately and make them happy.

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