White Platinum Betta Fish

In the world of betta fish, white platinum betta fish is one of the enchanting and gorgeous options. A white platinum betta fish is not just a plain white color, it is a clean solid white with shimmering effect. People love this kind of betta because it is clean and unique.

The Coloration And Pattern

Most of the color of their bodies and fins will be in stark white with a lack of translucency. So, there is no pinkish color in it. In the case of White platinum, you can expect that the color is a little bit metallic. It’s mean the skin has a shining and shimmering effect.

In a matter of fact, the charm of a white betta has made this fish sought over many aquarium markets. Internationally, you can find numerous white betta that comes in different varieties. The betta can either solid or has a little color under its face. Regardless of betta types you are looking for, make sure you take care of the fish appropriately and make them happy.

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