Who Are We


Established in the early 2020, Upscale Betta provides betta fish/siamese fighting fish and betta supplies for sale. Located in Bekasi, Indonesia we are betta breeders and sellers, we have successfully shipped several bettas to several countries via transhipper. We have seen the local and worldwide demand for this exotic betta fish are increasing especially during the pandemic, therefore we are eager to fulfill the market needs for betta fish and supplies.

Upscale Betta are now focusing in plakat betta with several color types and variations such as white betta, super red betta, blue black light betta, candy betta, galaxy koi betta, multicolor betta and many more. We are also currently doing our research in giant bettas right now with expectation to provides the market with the best giant betta in the next few months. We always make sure our fishes are healthy by maintaining clean tanks, clean water source and fresh foods.

Asides from bettas we also sell betta fish supplies such as terminalia catappa leaves/indian almond leaves and brine shrimp egg. Catappa leaves are used to stabilize the PH of the water and also makes the fish feel more comfortable in the tank, it can also be used for an unhealthy betta treatment. Catappa leaves also make the water look brown so the betta feels like in their original habitat.

Brine shrimp (also called artemia) is one of the best option for a healthy betta fish food. Brine shrimp eggs need to be hatched before it can be fed to the fishes. It can also be cultured so the brine shrimp can achieve bigger body size and multiply. A cultured brine shrimp is one of the best betta food source in the long run.

If you are looking for betta fish for sale or you have any inquiries about what we are selling please contact us. We are ready to help.