Why Do Betta Fish Blowing Bubbles?

Have you ever wondered why do betta fish blowing bubbles? I bet some people do. Unlike the other freshwater pet fish, betta fish do have this unique behaviour. If you another pets like a cat or a dog they will meow or bark to tell you something, and of course because betta fish cannot talk it may seems by blowing bubbles they are trying to tell you something too. But what does it mean? Okay let’s get it on.

A Sign of a Healthy Betta

Blowing bubbles are not an easy thing to do for a betta fish. It requires a consistency and absolutely a healthy body. A healthy betta fish depends on its environment. Two things that makes a supportive enviroment for a betta fish is :

  1. Great water condition. Good PH, normal temperature and a clean tank are really important for betta fish health.
  2. Eat enough. A betta fish with moderate but routine feeding are usually more healthy than an overfed betta.

Always keep an eye of your betta health so it can live longer.

Hey I am Ready to Mate

A healthy betta fish when they are started blowing bubbles are also a sign that he are ready to mate. If you look closely when a young male betta starting to blow bubbles the bubbles may not well-organized. And if he keeps a healthy condition for a long time he will always try to blow bubbles and the more mature it is the more organized the bubbles, and when it is well-organized it means that he are ready to mate.

As we may know when mating after a female betta fish lays eggs the male betta fish took it with his mouth and put it on the bubbles. Betta bubbles are the place where eggs located until it hatch.

Na Na Na I am Happy

When betta fish blows bubbles it was just like when a healthy man singing happily. He tells you that I’m healthy, happy and ready to breed. And we usually knows only male bettas are blowing bubbles, but rarely female bettas are doing it too shyly.


I hope this article can give you more understanding about betta fish, you can also read about how to make your betta fish like you here. And don’t forget to visit our betta fish youtube channel.

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